Local reporter outs astroturfing Republican


Here’s a fun example of astroturfing in its purest form: A woman attending a town hall event for Rep. Steve Kagen (D-WI), and–while loudly raising objections to the Democrats’ health care reform proposal–insisting she’s just a regular concerned citizen. Except, she’s actually a GOP official.

Heather Blish was vice-chairman of the Kewaunee County GOP until 2008. She actually worked for Kagen’s opponent, and, according to her own resume, is affiliated with the Republican National Committee.

The Talking Points Memo folks did everyone around the country a service by posting this at their site. But, the credit goes to the local reporter who acted like a real journalist.

How many of your local TV channels – or newspapers – have done the work to expose this crap in your own backyard?

Here in New Mexico the answer is none, zero, nada.

One thought on “Local reporter outs astroturfing Republican

  1. Eric Scott says:

    There is a difference between assembly including free speech and disturbing the peace. This Heather Blish
    (in my opinion) disturbed the peace and committed fraud. Oh, and she is definitely NOT a patriot.

    Maybe a week or two in jail will provide an example to other astroturfers of her calibre. Republicans, enough with your lies, liars, and anti-American propoganda accompanying bulliness. (is that a word?)

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