Probe finds more forged letters from “Clean Coal” lobbyists

U.S. congressional investigators said Tuesday they have uncovered five more forged letters sent to Congress regarding energy and climate legislation.

The letters are designed to make recipients think they were sent by senior centers and elderly services organizations, Rep. Edward Markey, D-Mass., said in a statement.

Markey, chairman of the Select Committee on Energy Independence and Global Warming, said the five letters released Tuesday bring to 13 the number of fraudulent letters sent by the Washington lobby group Bonner & Associates. The firm was subcontracted by the American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity to lobby Congress.

The 13 fake letters purport to represent nine different community groups, including the non-profit Erie Center on Health & Aging; the Charlottesville, Va., NAACP chapter; the Hispanic advocacy group Creciendo Juntos; and the American Association of University Women.

“We’ve seen fear-mongering with our nation’s senior citizens with healthcare, and now we’re seeing fraud-mongering with senior citizens on clean energy,” Markey said.

These letters are about as authentic as any of the alarums raised by Republican Do-Nothing politicians in Congress.

This just happens to concern a single issue; but, the Party of No is pretty consistent about lying and cheating when confronted by attempts to change business as usual in American politics.

In case I haven’t noted this, lately – I happen to be certain that “clean coal” is a possibility. Seems like fairly reasonable science. But, the fossils in charge of the industry are accustomed to getting their way via the usual channels of sleazy corporate politics, glossy advertising and backroom deals. Doesn’t help their cause at all.

One thought on “Probe finds more forged letters from “Clean Coal” lobbyists

  1. keaneo says:

    Eid – I remember your posts over at the “big blog” going back a few years about methods and means of developing clean coal for electricity.

    Can’t these greedy bastards get it through their heads that people are tired of being lied to in the name of patriotism and profit? They’d rather have a better life, an honest one if possible?

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