English village fights back at prospect of an oil boom in their garden

We’ll show you how to do it!

The affluent English county of Surrey — with its rolling hills, historic tiled houses and ancient oak woodlands to the south of London — may not seem the most obvious place to prospect for oil.

But two companies are working together to drill an exploratory well there and say a change in tax law could help to step up exploration elsewhere in British shires.

They face stiff local oppositionThey should.

“The oil is over there, under the church in the village,” said Stuart McLachlan, standing on a wooded hill and pointing in the direction of Coldharbour’s Victorian stone church.

London-listed Europa Oil & Gas and Egdon Resources are seeking approval from Surrey County Council to drill a well on a hill 1.5 km from the village, and tap in horizontally. Europa’s CEO Paul Barrett…insisted the local residents, who need cars to supplement the village’s limited public transport, should not fear for their environment.

“With the right amount of planning, the right environmental impact assessments, doing everything properly, you can really do that without disturbing anyone,” Barrett told Reuters.

The Oil Barons of the world don’t even care how they crap in their own nest. Let me tell you a wee story: –

One Friday night, finishing a business trip in Odessa, Texas – the heart of the Oil Patch, just down the road a piece from home base for all sorts of Bush family oil enterprises – my client and I decided to take in the local high school football game. Texas schoolboy football is as sacred as an Auld Firm Derby.

A twi-night matchup, the first half ended just before the sunset. Halftime over, the big lights were switched on for the second half. Like anywhere in the humid South, thousands of flying insects clustered around the illumination. What didn’t happen – what I expected from anywhere else I’d been in a similar context in the United States – there weren’t any birds darting through the clouds of insect critters feasting on the crowd.

I turned to my client and asked, “why no birds?”

He said, “Oh, they’re all dead. The gasses from the oil wells killed them off.”

“Don’t be concerned. We call it ‘the smell of money!'”

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