US Fortress to be built in Pakistan

Holbrooke and Gilani
Daylife/AP Photo used by permission

This Op-Ed piece is typical of Ghori’s rants. Nationalist before democrat, though both interdependent. A retired career diplomat.

The Americans are coming, and coming big,’ according to media pundits in Pakistan. And none should blame them for going over the top because the figures being bandied about are, to say the very least, flabbergasting.

What’s on the drawing boards in Washington and Islamabad are the blue prints for vastly increasing the number of American personnel manning one of the most important diplomatic presence in the 21st century for the Americans in Pakistan. Apparently, Washington feels that its battery of 750 men and women stocking the American Embassy in Islamabad is far too inadequate to cope with the job on their hands. They need to be given a big injection to inflate their muscles. The magic potion said to be brewing would add at least another thousand people on what’s being described as a ‘war footing’…

Though he wanders off into hallucinations suitable to a delusional Right – or Left, a useful question is raised about the purpose and goal of the new Pakistan diplomatic fortress.


Does it differ in intent from the monument to the neocon New American Century in Baghdad?

Most rational beings agree the purpose of Fortress America inside the Green Zone in Baghdad was to guide the dreams of ideological loonies like Wolfowitz of Arabia. Rumsfeld, Rove, et al, presumed “liberating” Iraq from an Iraqi dictator – even with Saddam Hussein’s populist appeal as anti-imperialist – would open the hearts of Iraqi citizens to America’s base of operations. A base intended to coordinate operations from South Asia to East Asia.


Though I still find it unlikely to ascribe obedience to the will of our military-industrial masters to Obama, I see little strategic difference in a defensive fortress constructed to similar goals, albeit in a nation with a jot more pretense to democratic ideals – and a willing participant in the process. Even if not out loud.

America’s love affair with victory through technology – whether it’s Rummie’s Shock and Awe or the surgical flavor ascribed to Predator Drones armed with Hellfire missiles – will pretty much guarantee support among the electorate.

Who knows. Maybe it will work. I just tire of being bullshitted by our politicians whatever the flavor of the day.

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