Republican teabaggers challenge Congressional Republicans

I’m glad this guy isn’t on my side

Kelly Ayotte, the former attorney general of New Hampshire, was on Capitol Hill on Tuesday, reaping the benefits of being a favored Republican Senate candidate. She collected checks at a series of fund-raisers, including a reception that drew Senate Republican leaders eager for her to join them as a colleague come 2011.

Back in New Hampshire, Ovide Lamontagne, a potential Republican rival to Ms. Ayotte, was reaping the benefits of not being in Washington, hosting scores of supporters at a Manchester club and collecting canned and dry goods in a food drive.

The contrast was no accident. In New Hampshire, Florida, Colorado and other states, the push by Washington Republicans to identify preferred Senate candidates has stirred resentment and prompted competition from those not impressed by the Washington seal of approval…

The pushback on national Republicans is striking because it comes at a time when many in the party believe the political environment is rapidly improving for them and after party strategists were initially keen on the early effort to single out Senate choices…

To some, the resistance is an extension of the grass-roots distrust of the government that was on vivid display during town-hall-style meetings this summer and at the recent conservative protest on the National Mall. Though much of the antipathy was aimed at Democrats, there is unhappiness with Republicans at the national level as well, with home-grown conservatives citing them as part of the overall problem.

The leading Republican opportunists in Congress who have chosen to chase the nutball base – now find their shock troops coming back to bite them.

RTFA. I think it’s mostly good news. Let the egregious and arrogant divide themselves on grounds of purity of their bodily fluids.

One thought on “Republican teabaggers challenge Congressional Republicans

  1. Cinaedh says:

    …who have chosen to chase the nutball base – now find their shock troops coming back to bite them.

    The current ‘shock troops’ obviously never got around to reading in their history books about what eventually happened to the original Brown Shirts. This current activity has always been emphatically frowned upon by the leaders.

    Still, if they’re too ignorant to learn from history, far be it from me to provide any unsolicited warnings.


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