US relaxes grip on the internet. Well, a little.

Daylife/AP Photo used by permisssion

Vint Cerf

The U.S. government and the body in charge of assigning Internet addresses have signed an agreement that allows for greater global participation in the Internet domain name process.

The U.S. Commerce Department said it reached an agreement with Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), drawing praise from U.S. lawmakers, who wanted more trademark protections, and companies and international officials seeking greater independence from U.S. control.

The agreement, which allows ICANN to become a “private sector led organization,” subjects ICANN to periodic reviews by a panel that includes a U.S. representative and independent experts, essentially allowing the organization to no longer report solely to the United States…

The pie actually became bigger” for greater involvement from other governments, said Larry Strickling, administrator of the Commerce Department’s National Telecommunications and Information Administration, who signed the agreement.

Before the signing the U.S. government wanted certain conditions — largely driven by concerns from lawmakers — to be met, including keeping ICANN a nonprofit organization headquartered in the United States…

The California-based organization has been in the spotlight over whether or not it should include .xxx for pornographic Websites. In 2007, it rejected a petition to include that extension as a TLD…

Vint Cerf, Google’s vice president & chief Internet evangelist — known as the “father of the Internet” –said the pact fulfills a long-standing objective which is to “create an organization that can serve the world’s interest in a robust, reliable and interoperable Internet.”

Jumping through hoops for American politicians and the people they really represent may have diminished. I shed no tears for the MPAA and their country club buddies.

Now, serious users of the Web need to keep an eye on the nanny-state types in the EU who will try to micro-manage every social problem on Earth with cyber-regulations.

Get some freedoms. Acquire new problems.

One thought on “US relaxes grip on the internet. Well, a little.

  1. Cinaedh says:

    Key U.S. lawmakers who had previously raised concerns praised the agreement.

    Oh, no!

    In my world, this automatically bodes very, very ill.

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