Cyprus building wind farm = 10% country’s requirements

Cyprus has moved closer to reaching the European Union’s renewable energy target by 2020, with the birth of the first wind park on the island.

Expected to be operational by the summer of 2010, the 200 million euro, 82 megawatt (MW) wind farm will be the largest of its kind in the Mediterranean region.

“It is a very big project. Normally in Europe – especially in Greece and Spain – they consider 20 to 30 MW a huge project, so 82 MW is a massive project. It is the biggest in the region,” Akis Ellinas, chairman of D.K. Wind Supply Ltd., told Reuters in an interview ahead of the ground breaking ceremony on Thursday…

Once operational, the site — which is the first to benefit from the new 20 year fixed rate tariff recently approved by the Cyprus government and the EU Commission — will be home to 41 turbines, equivalent to producing 10 percent of the island’s total energy generation capacity.


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3 Responses to Cyprus building wind farm = 10% country’s requirements

  1. This wind farm has destroyed the Panorama from Aphrodite Hills resort- on a windy day you can even hear the wind turbines, and they flash up at night like a runway – all 40 plus of the wind turbines that is.

  2. Mr. Fusion says:

    Here in North-West Indiana we have an even larger wind farm. Actually three separate wind farms. I believe there are over 600 turbines installed to date with plans for up to 1,000. They are quiet.

    And they are saving our Co-Op electric utility money when they buy their power.

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