Nurse accused of reusing disposable IV gear

A Fort Lauderdale nurse has resigned and more than 1,800 patients have been notified that they may have been exposed to diseases such as HIV and hepatitis, after the nurse allegedly admitted to the hospital that she used disposable IV equipment on multiple patients, a violation of safety standards.

Fort Lauderdale Police are investigating to determine whether any crimes were committed after an anonymous caller reported seeing the nurse use the same saline bag and a portion of tubing more than once, during adult cardiac chemical stress tests.

The hospital, Broward General Medical Center, said that a review of the nurse was conducted when administering intravenous fluids during the stress tests and that she was suspended pending the outcome of a full investigation. The nurse subsequently resigned, according to the hospital.

Police have identified the nurse as Qui Lan of Fort Lauderdale…

“It’s heartbreaking to every employee here,” said Cathy Meyer, a spokeswoman for Broward General Medical Center.

“She was aware that she was doing this. It’s no different than changing a sheet, or a BandAid. This is what nurses go into nursing school for,” Meyer said.

“It’s a violation of standard nursing infection control procedures,” she said. “It’s a universal, standard policy which was violated.”

In truth, I’m shocked. Not over sleaziness being tolerated for so long. We grow accustomed to lousy service in every aspect of daily life.

Back in the day, I worked for a spell in one of the best teaching hospitals in the country. I know what the standards are and should be. The RN’s and LPN’s I worked with – whether beginners or jaded bureaucrats – knew what their craft demanded. They would not tolerate life-threatening workplace behavior like this.

Slackness like this reflects more than individual incompetence.

2 thoughts on “Nurse accused of reusing disposable IV gear

  1. Jägermeister says:

    I’m not surprised. I meet a lot of people who do not take pride in their work. Hey, I get my salary anyway… Makes me sick… 😛

  2. Cinaedh says:

    There’s something ‘not quite right’ about this story as it has been reported thus far, so I’m reserving judgment.

    We have a ‘who’, a ‘what’, a ‘when’, and a ‘where’.

    I want to know ‘why’. This reporting doesn’t quite pass muster as professional journalism.

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