Ford hybrid sales have risen 73 percent in the last year

Last year at this time, Ford Motor Company was not yet selling the Ford Fusion or Mercury Milan hybrids. These two models have proven to be quite popular, and are a regular bright spot in Ford’s sales reports. In fact, compared to the hybrids that Ford was offering 12 months ago (like the Escape), sales of the company’s gas-electric vehicles are up 73 percent, thanks to the Fusion and Milan models. So far this year, through September, Ford has sold 26,016 hybrids.

Ford says that over 60 percent of the people who bought a Fusion hybrid were, before the sale, not Ford owners. In fact, Ford says that 52 percent of Fusion buyers had previously owned an import vehicle. Considering the good reviews that the Fusion hybrid has received thus far, having this particular model be someone’s introduction to the Blue Oval is a darn good thing for the team in Dearborn.

This article includes the entire PR release from Ford detailing lots more info. Their Fleet Program is especially interesting.

I don’t doubt there still are state government and corporations who will purchase SUV’s and lead sleds for their staff just to demonstrate their religious faith in voodoo economics and outdated design standards. They are ethically and fiscally bankrupt. The latter follows the former.

2 thoughts on “Ford hybrid sales have risen 73 percent in the last year

  1. god says:

    Actually, apart from car sales – if you read to the end of your link – you’ll see retail sales in general rose in September.

    In my neck of the prairie, the week has reported a bottom in housing prices – with the median finally approaching acceptable pricing again – and home sales are climbing, too.

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