Change coming to Afghanistan Strykers paint job – Duh!

Understand that half the “Change” Obama has to bring to the government of these United States is the elimination of Cheneyesque corruption and cronyism – and reversing Bush Era stupidity.

Sure blends into the landscape doesn’t it?

More than six years after sending the first Stryker armored vehicles into desert combat, the Army has decided that it’s probably a good idea to start painting them tan so they will blend in with the environments in Afghanistan and Iraq…“Strykers will blend into surroundings better. They’re less likely to stand out like silhouettes…”

The Army and its contracting agencies have been talking about changing the color of the Strykers since 2004, according to Butts, “but nothing firm was planned out until now.”

RTFA. There is some real “insight” displayed by soldiers and officers who just discovered that standing out like a sore thumb isn’t an advantage.

Field units cannot change the color themselves. There’s a facility for that. In another country.

The production line vehicles can only be ordered in one color; so, green it is unless the Pentagon changes to desert tan – for everywhere.

7 thoughts on “Change coming to Afghanistan Strykers paint job – Duh!

  1. Jägermeister says:

    How about spray painting everything in Afghanistan and Iraq green? Then the mistake isn’t that obvious anymore…

    • Mr. Fusion says:

      Or they could plant a whole lot of green, plastic trees and bushes. It might not help the environment but it would make someone feel a little better about what they are doing.

      Old Christmas trees could be recycled for this. It would keep our troops in the holiday spirit as a side benefit.

  2. E Trams says:

    Before I even read the comments on this story, I thought we should sent over a palette of tan spray paint. How about overnight it?

    Does the US citizenry need to embarrass the Pentagon down to their shorts by starting a website dedicated to donating spray paint in care packages to US forces in Afghanistan? The purpose of course would not be to embarrass anyone but to protect our Patriots.

    This is beyond irratating and ignorant. I feel I have found a cause.

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