The “Party of NO” is also the party of no work

Republican Earth

All seven Republicans on the U.S. Senate Environment and Public Works Committee plan to boycott next week’s work session on a climate-change bill…in a move aimed at thwarting Democratic efforts to advance the controversial legislation quickly.

Republicans will be forced not to show up” at Tuesday’s work session, said Matt Dempsey, a spokesman for Republican senators on the environment panel.

Under committee rules, at least two Republicans are needed for Chairwoman Barbara Boxer to hold the work sessions that would give senators an opportunity to amend the controversial legislation and then vote to approve it in the panel, which is controlled by President Barack Obama’s fellow Democrats…

Even with committee approval of the bill, the full Senate is not expected to vote on it this year. The legislation, as currently written, would have a hard time gaining the support of the 60 senators needed to pass major bills.

Nevertheless, the Obama administration is hoping for more progress by Congress before the Copenhagen summit. In June, the House of Representatives narrowly passed a bill to reduce U.S. emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases blamed for global warming…

Republicans on the environment committee say the climate-change bill would cause significant job losses by encouraging manufacturers to relocate more of their plants in countries that do not have as strict carbon controls.

We’re supposed to make noises indicating surprise – I guess – though Republicans could care less about what happens to American jobs.

This is, after all, the party that damned near invented outsourcing, refused to enforce existing laws on outsourcing, provided subsidies for American firms relocating factories abroad.

As for caring about the environment? Puh-lease. Give me a break!

One thought on “The “Party of NO” is also the party of no work

  1. Cinaedh says:

    …relocate more of their plants in countries that do not have as strict carbon controls.

    I don’t get their objection.

    Wouldn’t that mean manufacturers would be moving back to the United States of America or to Canada?

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