US boots up new unified cybersecurity center

Daylife/Getty Images used by permission

US Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano cut the ribbon on a state-of-the-art unified command center for government cybersecurity efforts.

The National Cybersecurity and Communications Integration Center (NCCIC) brings together various government organizations responsible for protecting cyber networks and infrastructure and private sector partners.

This will be a 24/7, 365-day-a-year facility to improve our national efforts to prepare and respond to threats and incidents affecting critical information technology and communications infrastructure,” Napolitano said.

She said the NCCIC will serve as the “central repository” for the cyber protection efforts of the civilian side of the federal government and its private sector partners…

Napolitano, whose department has received the green light to hire up to 1,000 cybersecurity experts over the next three years, stressed the private sector participation in the NCCIC, noting they will have “offices in the same space.”

I know, I know. Let’s hope they concentrate on incoming.

Leave snooping on American citizens up to the FBI and the NSA.

5 thoughts on “US boots up new unified cybersecurity center

  1. Cinaedh says:

    “Suits” will immediately be hired into positions of authority, thereby instantly negating the raison d’etre of the entire organization.

    I just love bureaucracies. They’re so…


  2. wok3 says:

    24/7, 365 days a year, so hackers just need to wait for a leap year…

    Honestly, why bother to state that a system monitoring the internet will have to be on all the time?

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