Republican moderates win 2 – Republican rightwing loses 1

Daylife/AP Photo used by permission

A Republican Party left for dead by many in the wake of recent Democratic landslides sprang back to life Tuesday with wins in hotly contested races for governor in Virginia and New Jersey.

However, the victories were tempered by the loss of a congressional seat in upstate New York held by the GOP since the Civil War, according to CNN projections.

In Virginia, 55-year-old former state attorney general Bob McDonnell will be the first Republican to win the state’s highest office in twelve years, CNN estimated. Republicans will win races for Virginia’s lieutenant governor and attorney general as well.

Former federal prosecutor Chris Christie, 47, will oust first-term Democratic Gov. Jon Corzine in New Jersey, CNN projected. Christie will be the first Republican to win the top office in the heavily Democratic Garden State in 12 years…

A battle for a vacant Republican U.S. House seat worked against the GOP in upstate New York. The contest to fill the seat sparked a vicious internal fight between GOP conservatives and moderates.

The struggle was viewed as a proxy for a national struggle between activists arguing the GOP slipped by betraying conservative values and officials warning a rightward move would further alienate an increasingly independent-minded electorate.

The split resulted in the election of Bill Owens — the first Democratic congressman from that region since the late 1800s.

RTFA for average analysis of pretty predictable results.

Two moderate Republicans won governor races in states where centrists usually win. One right-wing nutball supported by the opportunist Right in the Republican Party lost the party a seat they’ve held for 100 years.

Voter turnout for off-year elections was predictably mediocre.

Civil Rights for the gay community in America lost a squeaker in Maine – and look to be winning in Washington state. No surprise for anyone who ever battled through previous struggles against racism in America.

2 thoughts on “Republican moderates win 2 – Republican rightwing loses 1

  1. god says:

    Hilarious watching talking heads and right-wingers alike talking bout Conservatives rejected by NY voters as a “victory”.

    Folks, you won control of a local party and lost the election. Now, for the first time in 100 years a Dem has a couple years to demonstrate he’s not the anti-christ.

    Presuming he’s smart enough, of course.

  2. Mr. Fusion says:

    In NY-23 the liberals and moderates refused to be steam rolled by someone from outside the district who knew nothing of local issues. It was mostly the ditto heads who followed their self proclaimed leaders, also from outside the district, to vote for Hoffman.

    How anyone can suggest this is a conservative win must also think the moon is made of cheese.

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