Transsexual Jesus upsets Glasgow Baptists

About 300 protesters held a candlelit protest outside a Glasgow theatre over the staging of a play which portrays Jesus as a transsexual.

The protest was held outside the Tron Theatre, where Jesus, Queen of Heaven – in which Christ is a transsexual woman – is being staged.

It is part of the Glasgay! arts festival, a celebration of Scotland’s gay, bi-sexual and transsexual culture…

Glasgay! producer Steven Thomson said: “Jesus Queen of Heaven is a literary work of fiction exploring the artist’s own personal journey of faith as a transgendered person.

Pastor Jack Bell, of the Zion Baptist Church in Glasgow, who took part in the protest, said: “We didn’t threaten anyone going into the play or any of the cast members…

“You can’t blaspheme God and use freedom of speech as an excuse for that.”

Glasgay! is described as “Scotland’s annual celebration of queer culture” and is funded by the Scottish Arts Council, Event Scotland, Glasgow City Marketing Bureau and Glasgow City Council.

Certainly more useful and productive than sitting in some iron pew and attending to Pastor Jack, eh?

4 thoughts on “Transsexual Jesus upsets Glasgow Baptists

  1. Jägermeister says:

    Prophet Mohammed was most likely a tranny as well… that would explain why it’s illegal to draw pictures of him.

  2. Cinaedh says:

    I always just took it for granted divine beings could look however they chose to look, like Q in Star Trek.

    Wandering around, looking like a male Caucasian non-Jew hippie with a long flowing beard and hair must get boring after a few millennia.

    I’ll bet Jesus could look just like The Flying Spaghetti Monster if he/she chose to do so…


    Oh damn! Now I’m going to have to leave the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster!

  3. Mr. Fusion says:

    Freedom of speech does grant the same right of the violated to scream back. If you mock someone’s religious beliefs, don’t expect a pat on the back.

    (mumble, mumble, so much hate in the world and all because of stupid religions, mumble)

  4. black t-girl says:

    Whereas i can understand where some Christians would be offended i think there is actually some good theology here. Christianity in an incarnational fatih. We believe that God came into human life as one of us. In Christ God indentified with humanity. Various cultures have used images to make this point. Art that shows Jesus as European, speaks to Europeans. Inages of Christ as Black have spoken to African-Anerican folk like me. The icons of the Eastern Church show a Jesus that is decidedly Eastern.

    So portraying Jesus as transgendered just seems to me to be a part of the artist tradition that makes the point that the incarnation of Christ means that God indentifies with us (whoever the “us” might be). In my view (and others may disagree) this is simply a part of the Christian tradition as we interprete the Christ event.

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