Olympic-class condoms to be auctioned

When the Olympics hosted by Beijing ended, a collector snapped up the 5,000 condoms left over from the 100,000 distributed free to athletes.

The collection has now been put up for a one-off auction, with a starting price of one yuan 15¢ each.

Each condom wrapper carries the motto of the Beijing Games – faster, higher, stronger – in English and Chinese.

The entire lot of 5,000 must be purchased by one buyer at the Exceptional Auction of China Sport Collection on 29 November…

Condoms have been handed out to Olympic athletes since Barcelona hosted the Games in 1992.

“Faster, higher, stronger” – include “bigger” and you have the makings of a successful infomercial.

7 thoughts on “Olympic-class condoms to be auctioned

    • Mr. Fusion says:

      Yes, when I was a kid (sometime last century) I was told a story by an older WWII vet. It seems the British used to recycle used American condoms and sell them back to the Americans as chewing gum.

      Since I wear my hair long and it is always tied back, I will start double checking how mine are made. They appear to be some rubberized elastic covered in cloth. Could they be …

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