Nanny was renting baby to beggars in Bangalore

Child welfare officials are investigating the case of a baby who was reportedly rented out to beggars in the southern Indian city of Bangalore…

The nanny reportedly told the parents she would “rent” the baby for 100 rupees ($2) a day to beggars who attract more sympathy with an infant.

She was found out when the mother came home early to find her child missing…

Ms Nayak added that the parents were worried about the stigma that could be attached to the infant if a case were to be pursued by the authorities…

Police say they will track down the “horror nanny” – as she is being described in the local media – if the parents file a complaint…

But he added that it would be difficult to pursue the case without co-operation from the parents. The nanny has been dismissed from their service.

Unconfirmed reports say the child was sedated and dressed in rags. The practice is said to have gone on for several weeks.

Trust no one and cut the cards – or in this case, check the references.

2 thoughts on “Nanny was renting baby to beggars in Bangalore

  1. Mr. Fusion says:

    Hey!!! If it worked, why not? It isn’t as if the baby had another engagement.

    American entrepreneurship, Bangladesh style.

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