Teacher suspended – students read story about masturbation

An English teacher from the Bronx is accused of overstepping his boundaries by sharing with his students a steamy composition about teenage masturbation.

Greg Van Voorhis, known as “Mr. V” by students at the Bronx School of Law and Finance, is accused of giving his 11th graders a graphic short story titled “Guts” written by “Fight Club” author Chuck Palahniuk. The explicit reading centers around a teenager’s masturbation habits involving things like carrots, among other items.

School officials say Van Voorhis went too far and as a result the Department of Education re-assigned Van Voorhis to an administrative office, pending the outcome of an investigation.

Students at the school are outraged the popular teacher has been removed from the classroom. Many of them say he knows how to relate to them best.

Some 300 students at the school have joined a Facebook group called, “Save Mr. V,” in which a majority of them posted supportive messages urging school officials to let him teach again.

Unsurprising, their parents say they’re glad he’s suspended. Their kids achieve grades in English better than two-thirds of the students in NYC. No matter.

He must be doing something wrong. Getting them to read and think is still forbidden in the All-American Rulebook.

3 thoughts on “Teacher suspended – students read story about masturbation

  1. Cinaedh says:

    Has anyone else ever noticed only the good teachers, who are popular with the students get crucified while the useless piles of crap, who could care less about the education of children are either left alone to do nothing or worse, they’re promoted to Vice Principal and Principal?

    Just wondered…

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