Big Brother pulls the plug on a million XBox gamers – UPDATED

It’s oh-so enticing: You find a copy of a brand-new game like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 on a pirate site and the temptation to download it is too strong.

Well, that temptation may have cost up to 1 million users of Microsoft’s Xbox Live the ability to use that service. According to a report in InformationWeek, Microsoft has banned as many as a million players from Xbox Live for altering their consoles in order to play pirated versions of games…

“Xbox 360 consoles are equipped with digital rights management technologies designed to detect pirated software,” InformationWeek wrote, “but some players have successfully ‘modded,’ or modified, their machines to circumvent DRM protections.”

InformationWeek said that even if someone has been banned, their Xbox will still play offline games. But it’s not at all clear if the bans are permanent or if Microsoft will allow those who have been booted from Xbox Live to return at some point down the line.

Microsoft did not immediately respond to requests for comment. But in a statement received by InformationWeek, the company said, “All consumers should know that piracy is illegal and that modifying their Xbox 360 console to play pirated discs violates the Xbox Live terms of use, will void their warranty and result in a ban from Xbox Live.”

Kiss your $50 XBox Live fee goodbye, folks!

UPDATE: Microsoft says the ban is permanent. You need to buy a new console to start afresh. Har!

2 thoughts on “Big Brother pulls the plug on a million XBox gamers – UPDATED

  1. Jägermeister says:

    Just wait for when the Windows market is just Vista and Windows 7… then your Redmond DRM overlords will make sure you’re not using illegal copies of their software.

  2. Mr. Fusion says:

    I thought Sony had this issue and lost. A patent can not be enforced to prevent someone from altering their software or machine. Of course if you alter your machine / software you may not distribute it.

    MS might be in Anti-Trust violation over this one. If MS bricked my machine or even just hampered it I would want them to refund the money I paid. Part of an X-Box includes the online gaming.

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