Exchange frequent flyer miles for a boob job – WTF?

First it was free flights, hotel rooms and magazine subscriptions. Now, Finnair, Finland’s biggest airline, has a new idea for attracting frequent flyers: free plastic surgery in exchange for air miles.

Breast implants, hair replacement surgery or a face-lift performed by the Nordstroem Hospital in Helsinki are among the newest offerings in the carrier’s Finnair Plus loyalty service, according to the program’s Web site…

About 1.3 million flyers are enrolled in Finnair’s loyalty program, Tuomainen said. Earning the 3.18 million points for breast augmentation surgery requires 120 round-trip, business-class flights between Helsinki and New York, according to a points table on Finnair’s Web site. Miles earned with the airline are valid for five years.

Finnair, which added the cosmetic surgery service about a month ago, is in talks with medical practices to offer other health care services, Tuomainen said. Points can also be combined with cash and used for services ranging from restaurants and clubs to car rentals and hotels. Frequent flyers use three-fourths of all points for flights, Tuomainen said.

Uh, OK. Maybe this is the beginning of a radical new direction in marketing?

4 thoughts on “Exchange frequent flyer miles for a boob job – WTF?

  1. Cinaedh says:

    I guess getting whacked with a huge, enhanced boob in one of those too-narrow seats would probably be acceptable but to me, it would make much more sense if they provided extra points for liposuction surgery.

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