Nutball guilty of shooting wife – while trying to shoot her dog

Talk Radio personality Shannon Burke, who accidentally shot his wife in the head in April while aiming at her dog, has pleaded guilty and was ordered to jail for six months…

He walked out of courtroom and gave his wife, Catherine Burke, who has since recovered, a big hug and kiss. He would not say whether he would spend the night at their home, where the shooting took place, but he asked her to make meatloaf for dinner.

Until today, they had been banned from seeing each other, except at marriage counseling sessions…

Burke had been facing a possible 20-year sentence. But on Friday, he agreed to a plea deal with a far more lenient penalty. Still it makes him a convicted felon. He pleaded guilty to cruelty to animals for shooting the dog. That’s the felony. He also pleaded guilty to using a firearm while under the influence of alcohol. That’s a misdemeanor and a lesser charge than he was facing, which was shooting in a building…

His dog had disappeared from the yard, she said in a sworn statement, and as payback, he threatened to shoot her dog, which was in the house.

The defendant walked to a closet, got a .40-caliber handgun and told her, “‘I’m going to shoot the dog in the head, and you are going to watch,’ ” she said in divorce paperwork.

He pulled the trigger, but the gun didn’t go off, she said, so he got another ammunition clip, put it in and pulled the trigger again, she said.

That time, the gun went off and a single bullet went through the dog’s back leg, kept traveling and cut a ridge along the right side of Catherine Burke’s head…

The dog, also, has recovered

Good old Clear Channel fired him – for shooting up his home, not his sleazy right-wing politics. Now, he’s starting over again with a talk radio show about how he’s becoming a “better man”.

Frankly, the dog is more worthy of attention than this thug.

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