Dumb crook of the week

A teenager who had been going door to door trying to sell marijuana early Thursday was arrested after he went to the residence of a Brownsville police officer, police said.

Anthony Carrazco, 19, was arrested at the officer’s apartment at approximately 3:30 a.m. when he tried to sell the officer three ounces of marijuana, said police spokesman Jimmy Manrrique. He was later charged with one count of possession of marijuana and one count of possession of a prohibited weapon.

The officer at the apartment found a 9mm handgun in Carrazco’s possession, said Manrrique. Because the apartment was located near a school zone, the charges were upgraded to state jail felonies, he added…

An intoxicated Carrazco went door to door looking for a buyer and when a man opened the door, he made the offer, police said.

“(Carrazco) asked him if he wanted to buy marijuana,” Manrrique said. “This person he approached is a Brownsville police officer. The officer said he would be right back and went to go get his badge and handcuffs.”

Maybe they’ll handle this Texas-style and let him enlist in the Army?

2 thoughts on “Dumb crook of the week

  1. Cinaedh says:

    There’s no details given in the story but I’ll bet he was “intoxicated” with alcohol.

    That booze is a bad drug. It will lead you into trouble all the time.

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