Gay couple’s wedding in Argentina – victory over prejudice! UPDATED

The Beruti register office in the Palermo district of Buenos Aires will never have witnessed a marriage like it. On Tuesday, Alex Freyre and José María Di Bello, who met three years ago at a conference on HIV, will make history and divide a continent as they become Latin America’s first gay married couple.

The ceremony will be a tribute to their determination as well as their love for each other, after a bitter three-year campaign which has divided a city, outraged Argentina’s powerful Roman Catholic church and overturned the constitution…

Not surprisingly, the marriage is already being hailed by equality activists as a significant triumph against the odds in a traditionally macho society. Argentina – and Latin America in general – is not known for a tolerance of sexual diversity, and violence against gays is an everyday occurrence.

“This marriage is bigger than José María and I,” Freyre told the Observer. “It is a victory for all who face prejudice and discrimination across Latin America and the Caribbean. It is proof that at last the grip of the Catholic church is slipping across Latin America, the system that has kept gay communities silent and fearful is crumbling. What is happening on Tuesday is a strike against those attitudes that have repressed sexual rights across this continent for too long.”

Well said. RTFA.

I’m “almost” inclined to predict that once Latin America gets a few dozen ordinary marriages accomplished, the populace will set aside one more outdated edict from the Catholic Church and let people go about living ordinary lives.

“Almost”, but not quite.

UPDATE: A judge is trying to postpone the marriage. The couple will show up at the registry office, anyway, Tuesday morning.

UPDATE: Well, it took another month; but, this young couple finally got married. There are judges everywhere in the world who must think they are Republicans. Hateful bastards who get some pleasure from delaying someone else’s rights – even if it’s just for weeks – trying to hold back civi rights for all.

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