Jesus appears on Massachusetts woman’s iron

At left, Jesus appears eager and willing to do more laundry. At right, woman
shows us her iron while Jesus proudly looks on.

I didn’t panic,” [Mary Jo] Coady told the Herald. “I was carrying the laundry, looked down at the iron and there was the image of Jesus. I picked it up and asked my daughters to take a look at it to make sure I wasn’t crazy.”…

My faith was down, but seeing this made me think, wow, Jesus is there.”

To me, it looks more like René Descartes. But I’m probably just in denial.

5 thoughts on “Jesus appears on Massachusetts woman’s iron

  1. Cinaedh says:

    It looks to me like she needs a new iron. There’s some sort of crap all over the bottom of that one.

    By the way, did she kneel down and worship the graven image? I think I read somewhere God particularly likes it when people do that.

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