No note explaining his absence? Prime Minister loses his job

PM Edward Natapei arriving at Commonwealth summit
Daylife/Getty Images used by permission

Vanuatu Prime Minister Edward Natapei reportedly lost his post in the Pacific island nation for not providing a written excuse for political absences.

The BBC reported Friday that under Vanuatu law, Natapei was required to give up his position and forfeit his parliamentary seat if he couldn’t provide a written explanation for missing three consecutive parliamentary sittings.

Natapei, who missed the sessions while attending a Commonwealth of Nations summit in Trinidad and Tobago, failed to notify the parliamentary speaker of the cause of his absences.

Members of the Vanuatu Parliament will likely vote on a new prime minister next week, the BBC reported. A by-election is also expected to take place for Natapei’s parliamentary seat.

WTF? Couldn’t he forge his mom’s name?

One thought on “No note explaining his absence? Prime Minister loses his job

  1. Cinaedh says:

    It seems they have no tolerance for arrogance in Vanuatu.

    Good for the Ni-Vanuatu!

    It’s too bad we couldn’t get rid of our own politicians when they displayed massive arrogance but then again, we’d end up with no politicians at all, wouldn’t we?


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