Boss of British Telecom has the only broadband home in town

35 miles from London!

British Telecom (BT) has admitted its chairman is the only person in a village on the Oxfordshire-Buckinghamshire border with broadband. Other people in Hambleden were told they could not have broadband because of the distance to the exchange…

In a statement, BT wrote: “Trials of new technologies are often conducted among a company’s own staff so there is nothing unusual in this situation.

“BT has learnt a lot through the trial the chairman participated in and hopefully those lessons will benefit the residents of Hambleden in due course…

Gary Ashworth, who lives in Hambleden, said: “If I was a BT shareholder I’d be upset… I think one can live with it, if it’s a level playing field it’s not a problem.

It’s this preferential treatment that Sir Michael Rake has had that’s upset most of the villagers…”

The government has promised to provide all homes in the UK with speeds of at least 2Mbps by 2012.

Part of rural life is delayed access to modern technology. We went with DirecTV and satellite television the 3rd month they were in business -back in 1994 – because they simply were the only access possible for “cable” channels.

After three different cable providers sold themselves to higher bidders – and fibre to the home finally reached our community we now have a choice of Comcast – or Comcast – for high-speed internet access. 2½ miles from the city limits.

Folks in Hambledon have my sympathy.

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