Billionaire tells Rice business students that love trumps wealth

Yes, of course, he’s a Nebraska fan
Daylife/AP Photo used by permission

The Rice business students who visited Warren Buffett on Friday weren’t struck most by the billionaire’s business acumen, but by his affability…

For those of us at the Jones school, he’s kind of our idol,” said Jan Goetgeluk, president of the business school’s Finance Club, which organized the trip. “It’s always interesting to get perspective from the most successful investor in the world…”

He gave several students a ride to lunch, and held the elevator door open for Rice student Neha Agrawal. She’s read his autobiography and knows his reputation for unpretentiousness, that he drives his own car and eschews luxury. She was awed nonetheless…

During the Q and A, Agrawal asked Buffett what he thought about the correlation between wealth and happiness, and how he has kept his billions from weighing him down.

“He told us that success is getting what you want, and happiness is wanting what you get,” she said. “He said pretty much just be happy with what you have, and don’t let it get to you.”

He also urged the students to surround themselves with people who love them, and to give love in return…

Buffett…believes all the cars on the road will be electric. He’s already invested in a Chinese company working on the technology to make it happen…

“One thing he said was that he really believes the U.S. economy will recover and be strong for decades to come,” Goetgeluk said. “He said America has a great system and it has always worked, and it will keep working in the future.”

Nothing unique about this article – though Buffett’s view on automobiles surprised me a little bit. I figured his investment in BYD was as much for battery tech as hybrid cars.

The useful example that he offers is mostly to his peers. He supported Obama and asked for an increase on taxes on the wealthy. He’s gone to Silicon Valley and pressed hi-tech millionaires to get involved with charities – Bill and Melinda Gates being the best example.

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