Chicken collagen good for aching joints

Chicken collagen can provide relief from rheumatoid arthritis (RA) symptoms. A randomised, controlled trial…has found that Chicken type II collagen (CCII), a protein extracted from the cartilage of chicken breast, is a safe and effective treatment for RA.

Wei Wei, from Anhui Medical University, China, worked with a team of researchers to test the novel treatment by comparing it to the established antirheumatic drug methotrextate, in 503 RA patients. Patients who received a 12-week course of CCII capsules showed significantly improved joint function, with fewer and milder adverse effects than those taking methotrexate…

RA is an autoimmune disease caused by the body mounting a response against its own cartilage — the rubbery tissue, composed mainly of collagen, which cushions and lubricates joints. By dosing patients with collagen in the form of CCII capsules, the researchers believe that ‘oral tolerance’ can be developed.

Wei said: “Oral tolerance is a reduction in autoimmune activity caused by repeated dietary exposure to the offending substance. Treatment of autoimmune diseases by induction of oral tolerance is attractive because of the few side effects and easy clinical implementation of this approach. Indeed, our work confirms that treatment with oral CCII leads to improvement in arthritis with no significant side effects.”

Rheumatoid arthritis is a tough one. Persistent, painful, tough to treat other than symptomatically.

With no side effects – and certainly no shortage of chickens on this planet – this could be a turnaround for a painful disease.

2 thoughts on “Chicken collagen good for aching joints

  1. Cinaedh says:

    So, this stuff relieves your rheumatoid arthritis by protecting your cartilage?

    I guess it’s too bad for me the medical profession removed most of the cartilage in my now arthritic knees.

    While this research looks promising, I expect missing cartilage is going to be a widespread, common barrier to any such treatment.

    • Williams says:

      Everyone I know who has had any kind of scoping or surgery on knees has been sorry about the(long)time
      results. I have refused it and have been suffering for about 3 years, trying everything. Trust me, everything! I have now found something that actually is helping. Collagen, type 2-3, I’m using NeoCell Collagen but I’m assuming other brands work also. It took 2 weeks for me to feel it was helping and until now (two months) to be absolutely positive. Each week I can see a little more progress. Hope this is of help to you?

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