Grim fate for an injured hunter

Spaniards were today horrified by the death of a hunter from Mallorca who fell 18 metres down an abandoned country well and, after several days enduring the pain of his broken limbs and with no hope of rescue, turned his shotgun on himself.

The corpse of the municipal police officer and keen hunter, who was named as Antonio M, was eventually found after a colleague discovered his car nearby, according to Spanish newspapers.

A search of the area revealed an open, dry well with no wall around it that was hidden by thick vegetation.

Rescuers who went down the well near the town of Calvià said they found the body of the 49-year-old man in a sitting position with a shotgun beside it.

Forensic scientists confirmed that the man had broken his legs in the fall and had sat at the bottom of the well for about three days.

They gave the cause of death as gunshot wounds and police said it was clear that he had killed himself, presumably after giving up hope of being found.

I’m sitting here reflecting on the endgame for this poor bugger. I can’t imagine thinking of an alternative, some solution to his dilemma.

Carrying a cellphone works if you have access. That ain’t very likely at the bottom of a dry well.

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