Base-jumper electrocuted – Darwin Award candidate

An Arizona man was electrocuted when he parachuted from a cellphone tower at night and landed on high-voltage power lines, police said.

Darrell Dunafon, 23, of Casa Grande, had broken through a fence surrounding the cell tower with two friends and climbed the tower Friday night, KSAZ, TV, Phoenix, reported.

Dunafon fell onto a 12,000-volt live wire in Casa Grande, Lt. Tamatha Villar of the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office told The Arizona Republic…

Dunafon’s friends may face criminal charges, Villar said.

His friends probably aren’t any brighter than he was.

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22 Responses to Base-jumper electrocuted – Darwin Award candidate

  1. Cinaedh says:

    I guess my Mom and Dad were right. You really should look before you leap.

  2. gordeecampbell says:

    Only the jumper appears to be charged.

  3. Jägermeister says:

    Darrell Dunafon had his brightest moment when he landed on the power line.

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    • Christie Staffa says:

      OMG…. you people that post such horrible things about a young man who died in a tragic accident such as this one are cruel. Darrell was a son, a soldier, friend to many… His life touched people in ways that you could only imagine. You know nothing of him yet you chose to write cruel things for all to see just how “bright” you are… didn’t your parents raise you better? Get a life.

      Christie Staffa

      • keaneo says:

        Suicidal leaps into the darkness are not within the ken of parachutists with any sense of self-preservation. Tragic? Not at all.

        Stupid, ego-smitten – very likely. But, then, that’s what the Darwin Award is all about.

        • Chase p says:

          You literally have no idea what you are talking about. BASE jumping is a progressing sport and in no way suicidal and he didnt jump for ego driven purposes. You don’t know him, you know nothing about skydiving or basejumping (two completely different sports). I feel bad for all of you who post this stuff. Insensitive, ignorant… just because your behind a computer screen doesnt mean you can say whatever you want. Karma will come back

          • Jägermeister says:

            Dearest Chase Pee,

            This is a blog and as such, we can comment on the articles. Darrell Dunafon’s dumb decision of jumping at night, earned him a Darwin Award. Now, you might not agree with it… but he sure did.

            Take good care, bud.


          • Chase p says:

            The majority of BASE jumps are done at night. Do some research before you start tearing a tragedy apart.

          • Mr. Fusion says:

            BASE jumping is a progressing sport and in no way suicidal

            Anyone jumping off a tall tower NOT knowing there are power lines beneath is a Darwin Award winner in the making. Suicidal or not, it wasn’t a life extending jump.

          • Chase p says:

            Once again you have no idea what you are talking about. They knew exactly where the powerlines were. They did not jump onto the power lines. When basejumping it is possible to have an off heading opening or line twists that are sometimes uncontrollable. Nothing you do for fun is life extending. BASEjumping is a risky sport but risks are manageable but, as with everything in life, there are fluke accidents. He was very skilled in what he did, accidents happen. Be respectful

          • Jägermeister says:

            “BASEjumping is a risky sport but risks are manageable but, as with everything in life, there are fluke accidents.”

            Fluke accidents… Call it far what it was… Pure stupidity.

          • Chase p says:

            You just cant understand. You live your life in fear. You only get one, live it! experience it! I can promise you he lived a more fulfilling and exciting life than you could ever imagine. Fought for our country in iraq, lost part of his right hand, extremely talented skydiver, wingsuiter, base jumper, and a friend to countless people.

          • Jägermeister says:

            I can promise you he lived a more fulfilling and exciting life than you could ever imagine.

            Yeah, I’m sure Darrell Dunafon got to enjoy years of being happily married, having kids, seeing his grandchildren grow up etc.

            Fought for our country in iraq, lost part of his right hand…

            Very fulfilling.😛 He sure did a lot of stupid things in his life… and by the sound of it… you’re walking right behind him.

  5. Cinaedh says:

    It appears to me we were quite restrained, considering Darrell went to a great deal of (illegal) effort to jump, not fall but voluntarily jump, onto a 12,000 volt live wire.

    Calling him a Darwin Award candidate is simply an accurate observation.

    Please be extra careful where you jump in future, Ms. Staffa.

  6. Still love base jumping. But yes it is a dangerous sport and everyone who does it knows that!

  7. Nomi says:

    The only difference between the ignorant people who comment on these things (even knowing that one of Buddy’s relatives was defending him–and you guys still continue to talk negatively about a dead friend–what is wrong with you people?), is that we all have survived our foolish risks we took when we were young. Calling Buddy ‘stupid’ for dying in an accident as a professional B.A.S.E. jumper is as ridiculous as calling any stuntman ‘stupid’ for dying at one of their stunts. Or someone skydiving and dying from a related accident ‘stupid’. Or I guess someone who was getting a risky surgery that they wanted and it went wrong must have been ‘stupid’ when they died. Coming from Baghdad, as a vet, following in the footsteps of his grandfather (also a vet, and a test pilot for the Navy), Buddy just liked a thrill. Let’s reconsider speaking ill of him while we don’t have the balls to B.A.S.E. jump.

    Darrell’s cousin,

    • filbert says:

      Golly. Do you have the “balls” to play Russian Roullete?

      Which is why Darwin Awards make genetic sense.

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