Google will include real-time data in search results

Google has introduced so-called “real-time web” results into its search engine.

It means that Google will display information from news organisations, blogs and platforms, such as Twitter, as soon as it is published.

Google said it was “the first time” that a search engine had integrated the real-time web into its results page…

Our users will get the results as they are produced,” said Google fellow Amit Singhal at an event in Mountain View in California…

The real-time data will be displayed in a constantly updating stream within the normal results page.

Har! This should really contribute to world-class paranoia over search engines in general and Google in particular.

2 thoughts on “Google will include real-time data in search results

  1. Cinaedh says:

    I might be fully paranoid about all the personal information Google collects, stores and sells but it’s difficult for me to imagine how a bunch of nonsensical “tweets”, troll blog entries and abbreviated news headlines could possibly be of interest to anyone, let alone being worth the waste of Internet bandwidth and my perfectly useful paranoia.

    You may be wrong for once, Eideard.

  2. eideard says:

    Puh-lease. How could this be interesting?

    The question is – To whom would this be interesting?

    The answer is all the ego-impaired, egregious, twerps who infest locales like Facebook and Twitter in the first place.

    Readers of this blog excepted, of course.

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