Google leads consortium for world’s fastest internet cable

The Unity cable is part of another Google underseas consortium

In little more than a decade, Google has conquered the technology industry and become one of the world’s most powerful companies. Its latest undertaking, however, may be one of its most ambitious: a giant undersea cable that will significantly speed up internet access around the globe.

The Californian search engine is part of a consortium that confirmed its plans to install the new Southeast Asia Japan Cable (SJC), the centrepiece of a $400 million project that will create the highest capacity system ever built.

Google is undertaking the scheme with a number of Asian telecommunications companies, including Japan’s KDDI and India’s Reliance Globalcom. The agreement to build the submarine cable was first proposed three years ago, but negotiations finally came to a close on Wednesday as officials signed what they promised was a groundbreaking deal…

When it opens for business in 2012, the SJC will run 3,000 miles from Singapore to Japan – with branches reaching out to Hong Kong, the Philippines, Thailand and Guam. In total, it will consist of more than 5,000 miles of cable, sunk deep under the seabed…

The SJC is set to break records by allowing up to 17 terabits of data to be sent every second – the equivalent of around 250m telephone lines, and large enough to allow the contents of every single book in the British Library to be transferred 20 times per second.

And as if that was not enough, the line is also upgradeable and could eventually run as fast as 23Tbps – space for another 88m phone lines.

It’s no surprise to me to see Google ready and willing to invest in a communications project like this. It’s what corporations should be prepared to invest in – to offer leadership in technology.

Now, uh, how many of your local newspapers covered this story, eh.

4 thoughts on “Google leads consortium for world’s fastest internet cable

    • moss says:

      Anyone who’s ever confronted the NSA, CIA and FBI over a period of time knows the political differences between each.

      Useful knowledge in the course of activism. Not so important, I guess, for blanket commentary.

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