Peace requires responsibility

I hadn’t planned on watching the acceptance speech – though I knew it would be a major statement on aspects of American foreign policy within President Obama’s personal vision. But, I was just up having my first cuppa, channel-surfing and caught CNN preparing to offer it live.

It was worthwhile watching and listening. Clarity and honesty, principles long missing from American politics.

There are policy points I don’t agree with – but, who the hell agrees with me all the time?

I suggest you watch the whole recording. Here’s a transcript of the speech.

2 thoughts on “Peace requires responsibility

  1. Cinaedh says:

    They just gave a Nobel Peace Prize to a guy who’s escalating a war he can’t win because he’s fighting to protect civilians from an organization made up entirely of those same civilians.

    If that’s not repeating history because no-one learned anything from history, what is?

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