Sexy nativity pisses off Los Angeles true believers

A clothing store on Robertson Boulevard is causing a stir with a new window display — a nativity scene with very sexual undertones.

Madison clothing store, located at W. 3rd Street and Robertson Boulevard, has put up a nativity scene featuring a scantily-clad Virgin Mary sprawled on the ground with a glittery, golden baby Jesus in her lap…

Some people have complained about the display, calling it risqué.

A group that works across the street from the store said sex, their religion and shopping in a single tableau is too much for them to handle.

Said one woman, “The way they have presented Mary in a very provocative position with a baby in her crotch, and that baby is supposed to be Jesus… No.”

If my understanding of the history of clothing in the Middle East is accurate, it’s not especially likely that too many folks were wearing underwear back then, anyway. Right?

5 thoughts on “Sexy nativity pisses off Los Angeles true believers

  1. Mr. Fusion says:

    If “true believers” knew the true story they wouldn’t think so highly of the “nativity scene” being such a humble experience.

    Around the time of Hey Zeus’ birth, inns were generally 1 1/2 or 2 story affairs. The animals were kept on the first floor. During the cold months their warmth would rise and heat the upper floor some. Only those with servants would sleep on the second floor. Otherwise travelers would sleep on the ground floor to safeguard their animals.

    While the top floor was preferable, the common folk had no hangups with sleeping with their animals. Dirt was something they lived with all their lives and took for granted. Remember, this was long before the invention of toilet paper or even the discovery of corn cobs. Soap was a luxury unknown to anyone but the richest. Underwear was the least of their worries.

    Birthing in a manger would actually have been preferable. The straw would have been relatively clean plus soaked up all the blood and fluids. Mary would more than likely have been directed to the first floor for that reason. The Inn keeper’s wife would most likely have helped with the delivery. Trained mid-wives were a luxury and for common folk, any experienced mother would do.

    Three travelers giving gifts wouldn’t be an uncommon gesture. Their royal blood is probably exaggerated as were the gifts. More likely they were merchants. Merchants would travel in groups for protection from robbers, the same reason people would sleep with animals in a stable rather than under the stars, even during summer. Small gifts would be the same as a baby shower and everyone gushing over a new baby still draws on people’s heart strings.

  2. Cinaedh says:

    “Symbolic” is a really excellent word.

    I suppose, either it hadn’t been invented yet when they were writing the bible or I missed the section where it was declared a sin to understand that particular word.

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