UK snooker champion will get his weight in Pukka Pies

Ronnie O’Sullivan is trying for a 320-pie victory

This year’s UK Snooker Championship winner will be given his body weight in pies, supplied by the tournament sponsor, Pukka Pies. The English company are sponsoring the event for the first time and will reward Sunday’s winner with a delivery of pies “direct to their home.”

The four players in the semi-finals, Ding Junhui, Stephen Maguire, Ronnie O’Sullivan and John Higgins have all been weighed before their matches start today, according to the company. A statement reads: “Based on an average of four pies per kilogramme, Sunday’s winner can expect to win anywhere between 356 pies and 276 pies…”

We are all excited about the chance of winning our body weight in pies,” said Ding Junhui. “We all made sure we were wearing a few extra layers of clothes for the weigh-in and I wanted to put a few snooker balls in my pocket but I wasn’t allowed.”

Har! Snooker fans are as addicted to extra calories as their counterparts in football and rugby.

3 thoughts on “UK snooker champion will get his weight in Pukka Pies

  1. wok3 says:

    well if anyone tried to eat too many pies at once, they would indeed be pukkaing those pies back up – I know, horrid pun.

    Seriously though, Pukka Pies?

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