Competition? The more the merrier.

Suzlon wind farm at Sanodar, India
Daylife/Reuters Pictures used by permission

Demand for new wind power could far outstrip supply under a new global climate deal, the founder of Asia’s largest wind turbine maker said this week, calling for new manufacturers to help industry to fill orders. Tulsi Tanti, also chairman of India’s Suzlon Energy, said due to the size of the $53.5 billion wind turbine market, he does not consider existing manufacturers as competition.

“The market is so large. With a deal agreed here it will grow even bigger, so there’s a lot of room for the new players,” Tanti said on the sidelines of U.N. climate talks in Copenhagen. “The industry hopes to grow more aggressively. The 10 (leading manufacturers) are not able to satisfy these targets, so we need more players…”

“We don’t see much immediate benefit in terms of existing technology, but a clean technology transfer agreement will mobilize resources for new technology, to develop the next generation of wind turbines,” Tanti told Reuters. “It will bring economies of scale that will give us an opportunity to standardize the technology … but the cost of wind technology has to come down to accommodate mass production,” he added, likening it to the auto industry.

With its stake in Germany’s REpower, Suzlon is the world’s third largest wind turbine manufacturer behind Denmark’s Vestas and Spain’s Gamesa.

Wind power could help meet up to 65 percent of the emissions reductions pledged so far by developed nations, according to the Global Wind Energy Council. Tanti said that without a new climate deal, wind power is still forecast to supply some 20 percent of global energy by 2030. With a deal, he said that that could grow to 30 percent, resulting in a 10 percent cut in global carbon emissions.

Come on down and join the fun!

We’ve had decades of oil-based conservatives formulating U.S. energy policy. No wonder we have no one in the top three.

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