European Muslims prefer living in mixed communities

Most of Europe’s Muslims want to live in mixed communities, not segregated neighbourhoods, a new report says.

The work by the Open Society Institute (OSI), an independent think-tank, looked at the social integration of Muslims in 11 West European cities…

The report says religious discrimination remains a critical barrier to their participation in European society, and the situation has worsened in recent years…

Nazia Hussein, who supervised the work, says many Muslims are still seen as outsiders.

“The majority of Muslims that we’ve spoken to across 11 cities feel very strongly attached to their neighbourhood and city, they feel quite strongly attached to their country,” she told the BBC. “But at the same time they don’t believe that their fellow countrymen or the wider society sees them as either German or French or English…”

New laws forbidding the wearing of visibly religious symbols or clothing in schools have had a detrimental impact, it says…

City authorities were “fighting residential segregation”, it acknowledged, but educational segregation remains a problem.

The authors conclude that social segregation does matter, but it is of most concern to Muslims themselves.

One of the most interesting points – indicating who is really trying to build a new society – was the success of cities trying to foster an inclusive city identity.

RTFA for more of the points covered.

5 thoughts on “European Muslims prefer living in mixed communities

  1. Cinaedh says:

    I suppose breaking free of the mesmerized, fanatical obsession with nonsensical supernatural beliefs and smashing control of the religious elite over every aspect of their daily lives is entirely out of the question.

    Oh, is this about Muslims? Nevermind. I thought it was about Catholics again.

    • mok45 says:

      All indoctrination whether it be politics or religion are tainted with indifferences and choice, and it is those indifferences and choices that are the route problem of total agreement. Mine is better than yours no matter what are the inherent problems of humanity. There is no religion or politics which are totally pure or devoid of transgressions this we all know. Seeing the others point of view becomes a definite no no, therefore total peace will never prevail for humanity, this we know too by direct experience…

  2. moss says:

    I wonder what the mix of 1st-generation and 2nd-generation Europeans is – in these neighborhood. After all, it’s been decades since original waves of emigres came to European countries.

    Doesn’t seem especially different from the Italian side of my family – who came to the U.S. essentially to better themselves economically.

    By the time of a generation actually born in the states, movement from the ethnic neighborhoods already was in progress.

    • mok45 says:

      My wife and I are very fortunate to have travelled to other countries and cultures, to see how the other half live. Never in our wildest dreams have we ever considered changing any thing, we witnessed the good and bad dulities in all the countries we visited, no different than our very own country. Even so, it is always good to go home no matter what, it’s all so nice to go travelling to London Paris or Rome, but it’s all so nicer to go home are the profound words of song. Therefore to leave ones country for good must be one hell of a wrench for whatever reasons. so there is no reason to take their indifferences to another country, after all it isn’t the fault of country one chooses to go to.To begin all over again has to be the hardest thing to do, because we can never erase the known, and it is the known we tend to impose on others which causes the eternal problems on and on…..

  3. mok45 says:

    Integration cannot be forced or coersed,when one emigrates to another country, then they must follow the rules of that adopted country. They must speak the language of that adopted country if they truly want to be accepted. They must not set up their own environments, languages or cultures in their adopted country, after all this kind of attitude would never be allowed in their own countries, so why should it happen here. The very reason people leave their original homeland is because they are not happy, so why bring or take ones own hangups to another country. One goes for change not to process change for their own selfishness, that is what democracy used to be like, now we are not so certain

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