San Jose police to have small cameras attached to their heads

Taser AXON

On Friday, a handful of San Jose police officers began three months of sporting a sophisticated audio-video recording device that Chief of Police Rob Davis described as “the way of the future” for law enforcement.

Eighteen officers started wearing the AXON devices as part of a pilot program with Taser, the developer. These primarily consisted of a headset that resembled a Bluetooth earpiece with an accompanying control device worn on the chest like a radio. AXON stands for “Autonomous Extended On-Officer Network,” according to Taser.

The small digital camera perches above an officer’s left ear and can record surprisingly high-quality video and sound with the touch of a button. The participating officers are required to activate the recording any time they instigate enforcement measures with a member of the public, Davis said…

The AXON headsets can produce “best evidence,” Davis said. A photo capture of a suspect at large is far more effective than a simple physical description. Footage of a suspect committing a crime can also become valuable evidence for prosecutors.

Davis said the department has developed new policies to align the cameras’ use with existing privacy laws. When asked if witnesses or others might be less inclined to talk to officers if they are recorded, Davis said that early interactions have gone well. “They just think it’s an earpiece,” he said.


You may have noticed who produces these little devices. Any ideas about future accessories involving electricity?

6 thoughts on “San Jose police to have small cameras attached to their heads

  1. mok45 says:

    Observations being made by the authorities to keep control, justice and fairness on track is an excellent idea. However, the art of observation does not include the authorities themselves, and we are all very aware of the indiscretions they have all been guilty of, yet totally deny having done any thing wrong. Imagine what would be revealed if hidden cameras and microphones wer introduced to those doing the watching and judging. Now there would be a tale to tell it would be massive…

  2. Mr. Fusion says:

    record surprisingly high-quality video and sound with the touch of a button.

    Which means they may also be turned off, “at the touch of a button”.

    Nope. Have them on full time. Storage media is so extremely cheap records could be kept virtually indefinitely.

  3. Cinaedh says:

    I have always found it amusing those persons charged with protecting human rights for everyone are inevitably denied those self-same human rights by the very persons they are charged with protecting.

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