Illinois coppers seize cellphones over high school sexting

Plainfield police said they have seized nine cell phones after a 16-year-old high school honors student took a nude photograph of herself and sent it to a male student.

The picture quickly went viral on campus, and a Plainfield East High School official contacted authorities last week, prompting what police are calling their largest-ever sexting investigation. In one sign of how quickly the photo spread, some of the original senders told police they had received it from other people last week, according to court documents.

Viewing the photograph and forwarding it are technically violations of child pornography statutes, though police and the Will County state’s attorney’s office say they typically handle such cases through juvenile probation. No one has been charged…

It’s not clear how many of Plainfield East’s roughly 1,300 students received or forwarded the photo, but it could easily number in the hundreds, police said…

Nine cell phones — including two that were already found to contain the photo — have been turned over to computer forensic specialists at the Will County Sheriff’s Department.

A school district spokesman declined to comment Wednesday, citing student privacy concerns. School board Vice President Roger Bonuchi said only that parents should warn their children against “doing immoral acts.”

Lots of interesting questions about freedom for teenagers. Stupidity certainly is a component.

Have to wonder how many members of the Plainfield PD now have copies of the photo on their own cellphones, eh?

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