Preparations for the launch of D12

There are at least 20 million households in the United States awaiting the launch of this satellite – though probably 99% or more are unaware of it’s nearness or even that it’s taking place.

They may have noticed a phrase or two added to the latest commercials from DirecTV. “Coming Soon – capacity for another 50 high definition channels” – and that’s about it.

There are several hundred satellite TV geeks allied with DirecTV who track every satellite from inception to launch.

Since D12 launches Monday evening – US time – we have our own countdown in progress and follow photos and blog comments from the Baikonur Cosmosdrome with rapt attention.

I offer this video [large version] not only to those of you who are space geeks – or TV geeks – but, just as a snippet of time in the preparation for launch of one of the biggest long-serving rockets around. Also some pretty damned good camerawork.

BTW – if you are a DirecTV subscriber, channel 577 has been activated and you can tune in to the launch, Monday, 28th – at 7PM EST.

2 thoughts on “Preparations for the launch of D12

  1. moss says:

    Terrific launch. Which means, hey, the sucker got off the ground and on the way.

    Final tweaks for testing orbit won’t be completed until Tuesday morning; but, everything looks smooth as silk so far.

    Yes – everyone is especially waiting for BBCA-HD to appear.

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