Feds investigating lawmakers in bed with Allen Stanford

Stanford and Sessions together in the middle – in Antigua

U.S. federal authorities are investigating millions of dollars contributed by fraud suspect Allen Stanford and his staff to U.S. lawmakers in the past decade, the Miami Herald reported.

The newspaper said the Justice Department investigation aimed to determine whether the banker received special favors from politicians while he was operating his alleged $7 billion Ponzi scheme centered on fraudulent certificates of deposit issued by his offshore bank in Antigua and Barbuda…

It said Stanford, who has pleaded not guilty and is awaiting a trial set for January 2011, also spent $5 million on lobbying since 2001. It said he successfully lobbied in 2001 to kill a bill that would have exposed the flow of millions into his secretive offshore bank on the Caribbean island of Antigua.

The following year he helped block legislation that would have led to more government scrutiny of his now disgraced Antigua bank, the Miami Herald said…

The Miami Herald said that on the day federal agents raided Stanford’s offices in the United States, February 17, the financier received an e-mail message from Peter Sessions, the chairman of the National Republican Congressional Committee.

The newspaper said the message was found on Stanford’s computer servers and reads: “I love you and believe in you.

“If you want my ear/voice — e-mail,” the Miami Herald quoted the message as saying, adding it was signed “Pete.”

Isn’t it amazing the elasticity of Family Values when dollars are involved.

3 thoughts on “Feds investigating lawmakers in bed with Allen Stanford

  1. Mr. Fusion says:

    One thing I truly dislike is hyperbole.

    Not every politician is crooked. Not every lobbyist or lawyer is crooked. Not every cop, prosecutor, or Judge is crooked. Not every interaction between a politician and constituent / lobbyist is crooked. The vast majority of interactions are fully above board and legal. It is that very small percentage that aren’t legal that grab the headlines.

    That you would allow your ignorance to cloud your judgment is your problem. But I find it damn annoying.

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