Couple stranded for 3 days by GPS that doesn’t grok snow

Whether travelling against traffic on a one way-way street or plunging blindly into a river, there have been countless stories of in-car GPS systems leading overly trusting drivers astray. However, a Nevada couple may have been left with some serious GPS trust issues this week after finding themselves stranded for three days in the snowy climes of Oregon.

Faithfully following the prompts provided by their navigational system, John Rhoads (65) and Starry Bush-Rhoads (67) had their long journey home cut short after their SUV became stuck in snow when directions took them down an extremely remote forest road.

Miles from any form of immediate assistance in an inhospitable region – and unable to get a clear signal from their GPS-enabled phone in order to relay coordinates to a 911 dispatcher – the couple duly hunkered down in their vehicle until the weather improved.

Almost three days later, atmospheric conditions in the region – near Silver Lake, Oregon – relented sufficiently for the mobile phone handset system to establish a weak but clear link and communicate their position to emergency services.

Commenting on the unfortunate situation suffered by the Rhoads, Klamath County Sheriff Tim Evinger said the couple had been fairly lucky insofar as they were equipped with plenty of provisions, water and warm clothing to see them through the ordeal.

That last sentence is the important one. Relying on tech to save your buns works most of the time; but – be prepared to take care of things on your own, as well.

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