Israel arrests nuclear whistleblower Vanunu – again!

Life as a free man in Israel
Daylife/AP Photo used by permission

Israeli police said on Tuesday they had arrested nuclear whistleblower Mordechai Vanunu for violating a ban on contact with foreigners.

His lawyer said he was detained over a romance…”Vanunu was arrested (for) a relationship between a man and a woman, with a Norwegian citizen,” attorney Avigdor Feldman told reporters…

Vanunu was jailed as a traitor in 1986 and served an 18-year sentence after discussing his work as a technician at Israel’s Dimona nuclear reactor with a British newspaper, an interview that led experts to conclude the facility had produced fissile material for as many as 200 atomic warheads.

Over all those years, how much breast-beating and demand for sanctions have you witnessed from “peaceloving” Western governments directed against Israel for building nuclear weapons? Zilch!

After his release from jail in 2004, Israeli defense authorities barred Vanunu from traveling abroad or speaking with foreigners, alleging he has more details on the Dimona atomic reactor to divulge…

In court on Tuesday, Vanunu — who refuses in protest against Israel to speak Hebrew publicly — addressed reporters in English:

This Jewish state has 200 atomic … hydrogen bombs, atomic weapons, neutron bombs,” he said.

Even Reuters takes the time to whimper about Vanunu’s religious beliefs as if that alters the fact of Israel’s atomic imperialism.

It is the height of hypocrisy to condemn Pakistan or India for doing what gets unmitigated approval when done by Israel. Only full-blown sophistry rails about Iran possibly developing a nuclear capacity of any kind – when the largest hoard of nuclear weapons in the region is guarded in Israel.

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