What transpired, today, with me and TV…UPDATED

Being a retired and cranky old geek, TV tends to be a significant but smallish portion of my life. I’ve been with DirecTV as source since about the 3rd month of their retail existence back in 1994 – done the occasional bit of beta-testing – and have always appreciated easy access to movies and sports. The latter, in recent years, consumed with proper football, mostly the Premier League in England.

So, number 1 on my hit parade was the launch of D12, last night. I posted a neat short video the other day; but, last night was the big event with final separation of the broadcast satellite happening at 2:32:00 AM MST, this morning.

Number 2 on my hit parade was a service call from the sole remaining TV repair service in Santa Fe County – the nearest in 50 miles. Coca TV is near and dear to me – not because I’ve ever needed much work from them; but, Mr. Coca retired around the same time I did. And I did some work on his home when we both were working. Small world syndrome.

Anyway, Emilio cranked out dynamite service – arrived with the right tools and knowledge to change out capacitors on the power supply to my Samsung LCD-HDTV. A problem happening country-wide which Samsung has yet to acknowledge. Which is why [a] I will join whatever class action suit arises to recoup the cost of this service and [b] my next TV set – when I move to something LED backlit – will be LG and not Samsung.

Number 3 on my TV hit parade? Emilio’s new truck.

He rolled up the driveway in a shiny white Ford Transit Connect. Only 2000 miles on it, so far. Virtually all city driving and he’s averaging 24mpg. He loves it and I’m impressed. Beaucoup room inside – enough cubic space to compensate, frankly, for the bed of my pickup truck if I ever traded in on one. But, not until they bring them over with the small turbo-diesel.

UPDATE: The Class Action suit against Samsung for cheaping out on capacitors for some of their LCD TV’s has begun.

3 thoughts on “What transpired, today, with me and TV…UPDATED

  1. moss says:

    You’d think with VW, Audi and BMW advertising turbo-diesel economy and greenness, Ford or Toyota would have the backbone to bring in some of the diesel versions of current product they build all round the globe.

    Cripes, you can get a diesel Ranger in Brazil, a diesel Toyota pickup (HiLux same as SR5) just about anywhere in the world.

    Maybe GM ruined it for big sedans and diesel power – but. Mercedes hasn’t halted sales even after the crud that GM put on the highway.

    • Mr. Fusion says:

      After 30 years most people have either forgotten or never knew of GM’s (ahem) error experiment.

      At least half of the pickups around here are diesel. I’m more than sure people would willingly buy diesel cars. If they were available.

      I do remember seeing some Mercedes with ugly black bumpers and trunks over the years though.

      • moss says:

        You live in farm country, right?

        Americans may be ignorant; but, they’re not too dumb to ignore a long-standing subsidy. Farmers storing diesel on their property for their farm equipment get a special reduced price.

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