Need to hide abusive Irish priests? Send ’em to America!

A Waltham-based group that has been chronicling the US clergy sexual abuse scandal has released the names of 60 to 70 accused priests it says were born in Ireland or are of Irish descent who came to the United States and were reoffenders.

The group,, demanded that Cardinal Sean P. O’Malley of Boston and Bishop Thomas J. Tobin of Providence immediately make public the names of any credibly accused Irish priests who have worked in their dioceses.

By revealing the names, the group said it hopes to highlight the issue of immigrant Irish priests who are known pedophiles and whose histories of alleged abuse have long been “outsourced’’ to the United States

“Bishops [in Ireland], just like bishops here, have been moving accused priests around, even though they know they are dangerous,’’ said Terence McKiernan of “Unfortunately the places where they put them include our own backyard. So the Irish crisis, basically, has become our crisis, too.’’

Standing before the Cathedral of the Holy Cross, members and supporters of the group said the Irish scandal is deeply linked to the US abuse crisis because priests trained in Irish seminaries are systematically sent to serve in America, including clergy with long histories of abuse.

They also called on Prime Minister Brian Cowen of Ireland to recognize his country’s responsibility to inform the American public of all child-molesting clergy from Irish dioceses and religious orders who have immigrated to US dioceses.

RTFA. No surprises. No real solutions offered by the church.

The sickest part remains politicians both sides of the pond who maintain their collusion with the Catholic Church over the crimes.

One thought on “Need to hide abusive Irish priests? Send ’em to America!

  1. Norma Villarreal says:

    Thank you BishopAccountability for listing the names of 60 to 70 credibly accused and offending clergy from Ireland. It is also worth taking the time to explore the remaining names on your website and find out ‘who is in your own backyard.’

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