Being Black and Blue doesn’t protect you from racism

The more times change – the more they stay the same

The New York Police Department has been accused of racial profiling by one of its own.

NYPD Sgt. Reginald McReynolds, who is African-American, said he was a victim of racial profiling when he was stopped by two fellow police officers while in his girlfriend’s apartment building in the Bronx on October 26.

According to the official police report, the officers were responding to a domestic abuse call in the same building and mistook McReynolds for the suspect, handcuffing him after he refused to identify himself.

Eric Sanders, McReynolds’ attorney, told a different story. As a former NYPD officer himself, Sanders claims McReynolds immediately identified himself despite what he said was a lack of grounds for stopping him…

The police report said, after being advised that (an) alleged suspect might still in the building, the officers immediately stopped McReynolds thinking he might be the alleged abuser…

When back-up officers were called in, McReynolds was released, but was later suspended for 30 days on charges of misconduct toward an officer. He has since been ruled to be fit for duty and has returned to his position in the Quality Assurance Division of the department…

Both Sanders and the police report said that McReynolds clarified that he “was on the job.” Sanders explained this is a common phrase among the law enforcement community as indication of officer status, adding that the officers should have recognized that.

Sanders also said McReynolds never pushed any of the officers, and never instructed Cruz to lie on (her 911 call reporting the assault), citing the lack of a call transcript in the police report…

No charges have been filed against the officers involved.

It’s not likely there ever will be. The silent treatment from police officers is further compounded by an unwillingness to admit to racism – whether coppers are assaulting Black civilians or police officers.

You can automatically add-in collusion from the political hacks who generally head police commissions in the United States. Guys who want to be governor.

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