Climate scientist disputes skeptics’ lies about his research

A leading scientist has hit out at misleading newspaper reports that linked his research to claims that the current cold weather undermines the scientific case for manmade global warming.

Mojib Latif, a climate expert at the Leibniz Institute at Kiel University in Germany, said he “cannot understand” reports that used his research to question the scientific consensus on climate change.

He told the Guardian: “It comes as a surprise to me that people would try to use my statements to try to dispute the nature of global warming. I believe in manmade global warming. I have said that if my name was not Mojib Latif it would be global warming.”

He added: “There is no doubt within the scientific community that we are affecting the climate, that the climate is changing and responding to our emissions of greenhouse gases…”

The Mail on Sunday article said that Latif’s research showed that the current cold weather heralds such “a global trend towards cooler weather”…

Not according to Latif. “They are not related at all,” he said. “What we are experiencing now is a weather phenomenon, while we talked about the mean temperature over the next 10 years. You can’t compare the two…”

The recent articles are not the first to misrepresent his research, Latif said. “There are numerous newspapers, radio stations and television channels all trying to get our attention. Some overstate and some want to downplay the problem as a way to get that attention,” he said. “We are trying to discuss in the media a highly complex issue. Nobody would discuss the problem of [Einstein’s theory of] relativity in the media. But because we all experience the weather, we all believe that we can assess the global warming problem.”

There are distinct groupings among the “ideological” skeptics: paid flunkies for the Oil Patch Boys, so-called libertarians who believe human beings individually and collectively needn’t accept responsibility for anything, and the just plain ignorant who hate and fear scientists and students of science who point out the results of their stupid behavior.

3 thoughts on “Climate scientist disputes skeptics’ lies about his research

  1. keaneo says:

    All the schmuck-skeptics have been redistributing the Sunday Mail article as if it is gospel – which is I suppose the appropriate term for such creationist crap.

    Take the time to copy the link to the Guardian article at the core of this post and shove it in the face of your favorite friendly neighborhood know-nothing.

  2. Mr. Fusion says:

    The deniers have no problem with calling Al Gore a liar. This is neither the first, not will it be the last, blatant lie told in an effort to discredit the science.

  3. Cinaedh says:

    Didn’t people used to believe what they saw with their own eyes?

    Nowadays, people look at ancient glaciers melting and ice shelves the size of Manhattan, older than humanity, falling into oceans and they… what?

    I have no idea what they’re thinking. Not for the first time, I feel like an alien.

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