Where’s the stimulus money going?

Solid topic – especially for a nation of voters who have no problem coming up with an analysis and opinion that requires absolutely no information. They listen to Talk Radio, their favorite pundit – cripes! whoever they met at the American Legion bar on Friday night.

CNN started a series, this week, taking the time to get up close and personal with several projects, every day.

Let the Flash load and click through to every aspect of the program

Till now, the Feds have relied on transparency to provide info to the voting public. That only works as well as the effort citizens put into looking at the information available. Poisonally, I think the average American hasn’t gotten as far as Google.

So – just as an illustration – let me walk you through what I do every few weeks to check up on projects and progress here in New Mexico. You can do the same in your own state.

Go to www.recovery.gov

Do the math and you’ll see about 23% of the allocated funds have been disbursed. Realize, then, that the TV Talking Heads and Reublicrats who whine about the whole package being wasted are liars. They’re liars because they know damned well that only a fraction has been rolled out. The whys and wherefores aren’t as relevant as the political fuffaraw about it.

So, I clicked on the map – on the Land of Enchantment – and went to the page allotted to recovery in New Mexico.

You don’t need the details of progress here as much as you may be interested in your own state. My zip code reports 11 awards = $18.5million = 53 jobs, 53 families with a breadwinner.

I’d add one more suggestion. The results will vary according to the quality of your state’s official resident geeks. Ours ain’t too bad – except for the Employment Department which is still building anew, recovering from a previous Republican who was the first governor in the nation to outsource government functions to a call center in India! The suggestion is to Google recovery.gov and the name of your state.

That brought me to this:

This is where I usually go to check on stimulus progress. It’s home turf. I know my way around the map and can connect programs with places in my cranky geek brain.

Oh, and realize we have lots of space and not a whole boatload of people.

Do the same in your own backyard.

One thought on “Where’s the stimulus money going?

  1. Mr. Fusion says:

    It doesn’t matter where the money goes or how much good it does. The right wing nuts will still criticize and lie about it.

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