Pope condemns equality laws before his first UK visit – Good start!

The Pope and his international Shari’a Court
Daylife/Reuters Pictures used by permission

Pope Benedict XVI has condemned British equality legislation for running contrary to “natural law” as he confirmed his first visit to the UK later this year…His comments relate to laws that came in last year preventing adoption agencies from discriminating against gay couples and also Harriet Harman’s equality bill, currently going through parliament.

The pope, whose visit is expected in September, made the comments after hearing representations from English and Welsh bishops on their concerns about the place of religion in an increasingly secular society.

They told him sexual orientation legislation that came into effect on 1 January 2009 had forced the closure of half the Roman Catholic adoption agencies because the law making it illegal to discriminate against gay applicants went against their beliefs…

It is also thought the pope was referring to the equality bill, which narrows the special exemption enjoyed by churches allowing them to exclude people whose lifestyles do not fit in with the religious ethos of an organisation when hiring staff. The bishops cited it as another restriction of their freedom of religious belief.

His remarks drew swift criticism from the National Secular Society, which said it would stage protests during the visit.

Terry Sanderson, the society’s president, said: “The taxpayer is going to be faced with a bill for £20m for the visit – in which he has indicated he will attack equal rights and promote discrimination.”

You must realize that priest-commanders feel only their own sanctimonious flock are worthy of freedom of choice and opportunity. Centuries of discrimination and bigotry translated to simpler modes – like whether or not someone can have a job or a life partner or a family means nothing to religious cabals with a history of corruption that stretches over centuries.

2 thoughts on “Pope condemns equality laws before his first UK visit – Good start!

  1. Cinaedh says:

    Where are Henry VIII, Oliver Cromwell and Elizabeth I when you need them again?

    The Pope would do well to recall history, lest it repeats, this time more conclusively and more permanently.

  2. Mr. Fusion says:

    I believe Britain has Hate Laws on the books. This might be a good time to let the Pope know about them.

    True story. Back in the mid-1980s, Pope JP II came to Toronto. His plane landed mid afternoon. For security purposes, they closed the 427 and 401 and the length of Avenue Road. This crippled the rush hour traffic for the whole city until late that night. One estimate was it cost well over $50 million in lost productivity, fuel, overtime wages, etc. The cost in aggravation was incalculable.

    $25,000 on a helicopter would have saved so much and saved a lot of hostility.

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