They really run a tight legal ship in Canada, eh?

Canadian officials are investigating more than 300 people who claimed to have shared a home in Mississauga, Ontario, says the (Toronto) Globe and Mail.

Now, that’s high population density!

The newspaper said Royal Canadian Mounted Police are investigating the alleged cases of citizenship fraud, a crime that Canadian Immigration Minister Jason Kenney recently deemed a rising matter of concern in Canada…

A building manager at Palestine House, which resides in the same building as the address in the fraud investigation, told the Globe and Mail that individuals also received child benefit checks at the address despite the fact they did not live at the address.

Then, in a completely unrelated report…

At least four Toronto-area drivers who had their licenses suspended in court drove away when they left, a Canadian Broadcasting Corp. report said Tuesday.

The broadcaster aired a report it compiled last week in which news crews followed the first four men whose licenses were suspended and recorded them driving away.

The charges the men faced weren’t published, although the CBC said one of the men who drove away from the courthouse has 34 driving convictions and nine license suspensions.

Those of us who have survived absolutely identical standards of policing and jurisprudence – down here in New Mexico – actually are heartened to know we haven’t an exclusive patent on bureaucratic incompetence.

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