You’ve been to mass, this morning? Let’s check your prints!

A Polish priest has installed an electronic reader in his church for schoolchildren to leave their fingerprints in order to monitor their attendance at mass, the Gazeta Wyborcza daily said on Friday.

The pupils will mark their fingerprints every time they go to church over three years and if they attend 200 masses they will be freed from the obligation of having to pass an exam prior to their confirmation, the paper said.

The pupils in the southern town of Gryfow Slaski told the daily they liked the idea and also the priest, Grzegorz Sowa, who invented it.

“This is comfortable. We don’t have to stand in a line to get the priest’s signature (confirming our presence at the mass) in our confirmation notebooks,” said one pupil, who gave her name as Karolina.

Not only is God watching you; but – Father Grzegorz is checking up on you.


2 thoughts on “You’ve been to mass, this morning? Let’s check your prints!

  1. Mr. Fusion says:

    Our kid’s school has an outside contractor doing the meals. A couple of years ago they decided they would get a quick check out for the kids. Each kid would pay for his meal with a thumb print. Only they forgot to let the parents, Principal, or Superintendent know about this.

    Our kid came home one day and told us they had taken their prints. The next day the program was canceled. The following year the school took back the lunch contract.

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